If you are yearning to hear the voice of God, this is the book for you! Through compelling life stories Fran gently leads us toward listening for and hearing God’s voice. This is a beautiful and inspirational book to study, share and discuss with your faith friends!

—Pat Cooper
Co-founder,Springboard Landings, Inc.

“When God Speaks resoundingly recognizes St. John Vianney’s teaching, ‘Prayer is union with God, with loving faith and a pure heart’. Myers’ excellent work encourages an exercise of prayer through the ‘Spirit within us’ demonstrating the importance of vulnerability, humility, charity, and experience of peace; not only in our relationship with God through prayer; but with our neighbor in kind. Myers’ helps place the ‘fear and guilt’ of our present culture in its proper perspective observing, ‘Fear and Guilt are not from God’. A must read for those seeking increased divine awareness in their spiritual development.”

—Major General (R) Bryan R. Kelly, Ph.D.

“This fine book can be of benefit for private and individual reflection, or for group discussions. Its important message is that prayer is not only speaking to God but it is also listening to God, and being open to the various ways God uses to speak to us.”

—Tom E. Blantz, csc
Author of The University of Notre Dame: A History

Is God really there? If so, why do so many of us not hear answers in prayer more often? Fran Myers brings us face to face with the realities and truth of God’s presence. In indisputable ways, she shows us how our prayer life can become a unique fingerprint to reach out and touch God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We are here to do God’s will, and in so doing, to save our souls. This book will enable you to understand that the most important tool on this journey is real, deep, personal communication with the Creator of the Universe. Do yourself a favor and turn the first page.

—Wes Ely, MD
Author of Every Deep-Drawn Breath.

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