When God Speaks is filled with stories that demonstrate how God personally provides for us, communicates with us, and calls us into a closer relationship with a deepening faith. This book is rooted in sound theology, and through stories that bring to life the ways our God moves in our lives. Our task is to listen, pay attention, and trust that we are in the loving hands of our Savior. Sacred Scripture flourishes with stories of ordinary people to whom God chose to speak. Jeremiah initially said he was too young, St. Peter told the Lord to leave him because he was a sinner, and there are countless other examples. Once they heard God’s voice, the ordinary prayers of poor shepherds in the field, of cowardly early prophets, and of a simple Samaritan woman became extraordinary words that built great faith in others of their time. The stories in this book are grounded in that same scripture and touch the soul in ways that bring us peace, surprise, and contentment and demonstrate that, when we open ourselves to God, we too can hear that communication of love and mercy that surrounds us.

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